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Just A Dream.....

Just A Dream...

A Place Where Dreams Come True
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I have decided to jump on the bang-wagon and get myself a graphics journal. I am not sure how use-ful this thing willa ctually be on the facts that I am not that great of a graphics maker. But I am never going to learn if I don't ever try. Plus this way it keeps my graphics seperate from my personal entries. Not really to much to say. I am me and if you don't like me..well then your in the wrong place. Can't change who I am nor do I intially plan on doing so. But since you have managed to come across this place then hopefully you see something you like.

(credit to rules go to view_paradise)
The rules...every self-respecting community has them, right? Yeah, well, I'm a fond believer in the K.I.S.S. rule. Keep It Simple, Stupid. The shorter the rules are, the more likely it is people will actually read them. (Maybe...) So, that being said here be my laws! Obey! Or, uh...not. S'up to you.


That's it. Not too hard, huh? I dont ask for credit. It's nice to see your name in a pretty blue font on someone's user icon page, but I won't hunt you down and bitch if credit isn't given.

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